FOSDEM 2015, day two

Day two of FOSDEM was not very eventful. I had been hoping to spend most of my time in the Software Defined Radio room, but due to the popularity of the subject, this room was regularly full. Too bad! But...

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FOSDEM 2015, day one

After missing last year’s, I had been looking forward to this year’s FOSDEM for a while. In 2013 the ADA devroom was a blast and this year we had the promise of Larry Wall telling us to get ready to...

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Trying out RTL-SDR

Happy 2015!

Having recently visited a hackerspace day on RTL-SDR, I’d been thinking of trying it out to see if I could listen to local CB and ham on shortwave. After some searching on the rtl-sdr subreddit I ended...

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A very nice circuit simulator applet written in Java

I’ve been getting into electronics recently as a side-effect of getting into amateur radio and studying for my license. Given that electronics was entirely new to me, I’ve been spending lots of time researching online.

Some days ago I came...

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